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From the Egyptian pyramids of the Nile, the temples at Machu Picchu, to the Celtic stone circles, Ani Williams has played and sung for the Earth. Her life is dedicated to bringing harmony and beauty to benefit all life . . . a return to song as medicine. (See Songaia Sound and Voice Spectrum Analysis for more on sound therapy). Ani's recordings have been distributed worldwide since 1982 and have been described as:

"The flowering song of our new time" - Brooke Medicine Eagle

"Sacred Song Therapy" - New Age Journal

"Renews both your mind and body" - Tower Records

"Appealing, romantic, pan-global music" - PJ Birosic


Click this link to view Ani's interview on Voice Spectrum Analysis with
Regina Meredith at Conscious Media Network www.consciousmedianetwork.com.



Songaia Sound DVDs





Sound Alchemy with Ani Williams ~ DVD - Hermetic Sound Science From Egypt to Modern Sound Healing

Sound Alchemy is a 90-minute DVD incorporating music, visuals and historical teachings of the Science of Harmony. Learn how the human voice holds the key for awakenings.

In Sound Alchemy we study the planetary tone patterns (Astrology) and how they are mirrored in the human energy field and voice tone patterns (Voice Spectrum Analysis). Sound Alchemy is the medicine of the ancient past and holds great hope for the future of humanity and for transforming suffering into harmonious liberation.

Hermetic knowledge teaches us to make of our lives a mirror of nature, reflecting and embracing the heavenly patterns on earth “to accomplish the miracle of Oneness.”

This DVD program contains 7 chapters, corresponding to the ancient 7-tone musical scale, the 7 chakras and the 7 celestial forces.




Ani Williams Live in Sacred France Concert in Brenac Church ~ DVD

Previewing songs from the upcoming CD ‘Song of Sophia.' This DVD was filmed on location at the mystical chapel of Brenac in Languedoc, France by Ani's friend Stephen Michael Marcus. Many of the new songs will be recorded on her next music CD ‘Song of Sophia’.

We are producing a limited number of DVDs for sale with proceeds to pave the way and support this long-awaited music. If you choose to support the production of ‘Song of Sophia’, please pre-order here. The DVDs will be shipped immediately and the CD will be completed and shipped in August, 2013.

Here is a YouTube clip of ‘Salt of Earth’, one of thirteen songs from the DVD, and will be featured on the CD.
YouTube clip of 'Salt of Earth'
‘Salt of Earth’ by Ani Williams—Live in concert in Brenac Church, Languedoc, France



Music CDs

(All sound clips are in MP3 format. They are approximately one minute in length
so please be patient with loading.)






Song of Sophia - New CD release by Ani Williams—Harp, enchanting vocals and violira, recorded in seven chapels and abbeys in Languedoc, France.

The chapels of the Cathars, Templars, and earliest Christians produce a pure harmonic acoustic that transports the listener to this mystical land of the grail.
Songs include: Lux Lucet, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Nefer Ka Ra, Gayatri Mantra and Mariam Maria Sophia.

Ani’s harp and voice were recorded in seven beautiful chapels and abbeys in Southwest France during the Venus Transit June, 2012. The rich natural acoustics of these sacred sites transports the listener to this mystical land of grail legend. Songs include the long-awaiting Salt of Earth and Viva Santa Maria.

Sound Clip from Song of Sophia - Viva Santa Maria


Song of Sophia










Garden of The Magdalene The musical flavors follow the Grail mysteries throughout medieval Britain, France, Spain, Jerusalem and Egypt with gypsy violira, Celtic harp, bells, guitar, Egyptian flute and vocals sung in the ancient languages. One also hears the waves and subtle chanting recorded within Merlin’s Cave, Cornwall during a ceremony in October 2006.

“Lovely medieval flavor!” — Margaret Starbird, author of Woman with the Alabaster Jar and other books on Mary Magdalene.

“Enchanted by your music.” — Henry Lincoln, filmmaker and author of Key to the Sacred Pattern, co-author of Holy Blood—Holy Grail.

Ani Williams: Harp, vocals and bells
Alan Ames: Violira
Fitzhugh Jenkins: Guitar
John Dumas: Egyptian bamboo flute
Tina Reichow: Dunbek, tambourine and cymbals

Sound Clip for Garden of The Magdalene—Garden of Blue Roses




Temple of the Magi - Music by Ani Williams
Prayer invocations by Dr. Gary Batten

Ancient Hebrew chants with lush vocal harmonies, harp, flute, gong and bells, draw the listener into the ancient Temple of Inner Light. With the chanting of the Sacred Names in the Language of Light, we invoke a harmonic field creating Heaven on Earth…the Heavenly Light made manifest. We hear the Bath Kol, Daughters of Voice as they enter the Temple of the Magi singing the Heavenly Song. We invite you to chant along, adding your voice to the collective dream for a New Earth.

Tracks include: El Shaddai, Eloha Umma, Yod He Vod He, Ha Shem, Ain Soph, Shalomith Shalom

Sound clip from Temple of the MagiYod He Vod He







Magdalene's Gift — Songs to the Beloved (June 2004) - Sensual music honoring the Beloved featuring Middle Eastern tonalities with harp, voice, violin, guitar, tabla and cymbals.

”It’s BEAUTIFUL! This CD’s exotic, spicy Middle Eastern tone and timbre, and Ani's ethereal voice come highly recommended!”
—Posted on www.magdalene.org/music August 2005

“Magdalene’s Gift is really lovely…I play it again and again. I told my agent about it!”
—Ki Longfellow, author of ‘The Secret Magdalene’

“Ani has created a wonderful kind of magic here!” —Brooke Medicine Eagle, recording artist and author of ‘The Last Ghost Dance’ and ‘Buffalo Woman Comes Singing’.

“I was taken aback by the beauty of your music and voice and your incredible healing ministry.”
Father Jorge Eagar,— Director of the Shrine of Holy Wisdom

Sound clip from Magdalene's Gift — Burning Wish (Aramaic Lord's Prayer). music by Ani Williams




Homage to Hathor (Spring 2003) - Egyptian temple music, featuring musical scales based on the geometry of Egypt’s sacred architecture. With harp, enchanting vocals, violin, Egyptian scale flutes and gong, one is transported to the elevation of humanity reached by Egypt’s legacy of spiritual alchemy. Tracks include: House of Horus, Mari, Sa Ra, Abyddos, The Osirian, Hu Ra Eli. This deeply sacred music is dedicated to the Hathors, celestial beings who move with pure equanimity and unity of purpose, infusing the Earth with blessings of beauty and healing sound.

"I listen to this CD constantly! It feels like I have entered the temple of healing." —S.S.

“You touch the majesty and joy of creation.” — Ananda Music, Poland

“This music takes one on a temple journey, continually moving deeper and deeper to the sanctuary of the soul.” — RMB, Shamanic facilitator and life coach.

Sound clip from Homage to Hathor — Abyddos, music by  Ani Williams





Shemah — The Calling (1999) - Inspired by both the stone circles and mystical moors of her cross cultural roots and the ancient Egyptian temples of the Nile. Ani’s harpestry takes us through dreamy Arabian gardens….with harp, vocals, viol de gamba, ney, oud and bouzouki, the light streams through these liquid compositions. Tracks include: Love and Beauty, Shenasha, Leonid Light, The Calling, Shemah,

"Her voice caresses the soul with dream-like beauty—layered harmonies in Spanish, Hebrew, and Navajo. Her harpestry takes the enthralled listener through Arabic gardens, Celtic moors and Sedona canyons... the beauty of Shemah should call powerfully to savvy retailers: this release should sail off the shelves to the many places where its healing sounds can work their magic." — NAPRA Review Feb 2000

Sound clip from Shemah--The Calling — Shemah, music by Ani Williams



      Luna Trece (1996) With Mazatl Galindo - These inspired harp rhythms to honor the Mayan-Aztec lunar cycles feature Mazatl Galindo’s Meso-American flute magic and percussion, including lyrics in Nahuatl and Spanish. Tracks include: San Miguel, Tepoztlan, Casa de Pinturas, Xochitl, Luna Azul, Eclipse.

Harp-vocalist Williams and multi-instrumentalist Galindo are a talented twosome reaching their prime on this ode to the lunar cycle. Ani's etherial voice perfectly blends with her steel harp strings as hoop drum, bamboo flute, ocarina, violin, and a continent's worth of acoustic percussion ask us to honor the sacred Earth... a reflective sacred space where the listener can redream the world into beauty." — PJ Birosik, Musik International

Sound clip from Luna Trece — Luna Trece, music by Ani Williams



Sacred Springs of Avalon (1995) (and re-released as a CD 2002)

Keyboards, harp and vocals recorded on location at the ancient White Springs, Avalon, Glastonbury England. Deep and provocative, this music pays homage to the red and white springs of Arthurian and Druid lore. Produced and distributed in Europe, UK and Mexico.

Sound clip from Sacred Springs of Avalon — Sacred Springs, music and lyrics by Andy Portman, vocals and lyrics adapted by Ani Williams






Song For My Ancestors - With Lisa Thiel (1995) (and re-released as a CD 2002) - Cross culturally inspired songs on harp, guitar, violin, flutes and vocal harmonies.

"Put on your wings and go, if you can fly this high! Ani Williams plays my heartstrings like she plays the Celtic harp, weaving her angelic and shamanic spells." — NAPRA Review 1996

Sound clip from Song For My Ancestors — Diving Deep, music by Ani Williams





  Sisters Of The Dream (1994) With Lisa Thiel - A collection of 16 soul-stirring selections by Ani and Lisa dedicated to the divine feminine.

"Sacred song therapy!" — New Age Retailer.

"Exciting... renews both your mind and body" —Tower Records

Sound clip from Sister of the Dream
—She, music by Ani Williams





  Children Of The Sun (1991) With Mazatl Galindo - Rhythmic harp, native flutes with deer drum, clay pots, the beat of the rainforest.

"Appealing, romantic, passionate pan-global music. A winner!" —PJ Birosik.

"Spellbinding... haunting and beautiful. Ancient Aztec lullabies and Andean songs... a work of evocative and mystical beauty. I can't recommend it enough." —Musical Best Bets - New Age Retailer, Feb 1993

Sound clip from Children of the Sun —Secret Canyon, music by Ani Williams






Wind Spirit (1988) (and re-released as a CD 2002) - "Wind Spirit is a celebration of the land and sky of the Southwest desert lands. To listen to Wind Spirit is to relax into your own happiness. Harp blends with nature sounds, flute, voice, clarinet, hand drums. The effect is slightly poignant and restful. Recommended for contemplation, massage, one not to be missed." —Musical Best Bets - New Age Retailer

Sound clip from Wind Spirit —Wind on the Desert, music by Trisha Herold, harp and adaptation by Ani Williams





Song Of Isis (1987) (and re-released as a CD 2001) - Recorded in the pyramids and temples of Egypt during the Harmonic Convergence, August 1987.

"Beautifully woven in delicate strands of sound. Timeless, transformative, recommended!" —Ladyslipper Records' 1989 Top 24 Pick
“Williams’ harp on Song of Isis is the closest I’ve come across to the Sumerian cuneiform musical notation!”
—Author and historian, Zecharia Sitchin

Sound clip from Song of Isis —Queen's Chamber I, music by Ani Williams with a totally spontaneous outpouring of 19 pilgrims celebrating a great turning point in the cycles of time.




Summer Rose - Remastered - CD - 2012

Summer Rose was originally recorded in 1983 during the beginning of Ani’s music career, and re-mastered in 2012 for this long-awaited CD release. An allegorical journey of the seed of a rose and the soul’s descent into matter; the music is peaceful, yet transcendent. The path of the soul’s unfolding is fulfilled in the Rose’s triumphant opening to the sun.’

Sound clip from Summer RoseDescent Into Matter



Sky Dance - Remastered - CD - 2012

In 1986 Ani composed this music for yoga and relaxation classes in Los Angeles.

A review from `Sky Dance’ by Pulse Magazine states: “Sky Dance is a paean to the earth, sky and oceans. Williams’ swaying harp rhythms and dancing arpeggios offer a serene, spacious music, radiant in its love of all things natural”.

Sound clip from Sky Dance - Sanctuary



Chant CDs with Lyric Books




Medicine Song II CD and Chant book (2005 revised and expanded edition) - The enclosed CD features harp, vocals, Egyptian flutes, violin and dunbec, taking the listener on the path of  Sophia-Maria as she chants in the languages of light, calling her Beloved home.

"Deeply moving. Ani Williams' Medicine Song chants honor and celebrate the Feminine in diverse Wisdom traditions...awakens us to the "Sacred Union" within."   Margaret Starbird author of "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar" and "The Goddess in the Gospels."

“Ani has created a wonderful kind of magic in bringing forth these powerful chants from the ancient Sophia lineage.”    Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of The Last Ghost Dance  & Buffalo Woman Comes Singing.

Sound clip from Medicine Song, Volume II -- Bnai Elohim, music by Ani Williams, lyrics Hebrew mantra adaptation.




Medicine Song I (2000) CD and Chant book - Tibetan chants with harp, sitar, tamboura, bells and vocal harmonies. Used in yoga centers and by individuals as an interactive sound medicine tool.


"Divinely beautiful and healing! We use it for our chakra classes." —Seven Centers Yoga Arts

"Ani is an angel among us.  Her heavenly voice in the world shows us that beauty and good still exists."  Ananda Music Poland

Sound clip from Medicine Song, Volume I -- Green Tara, music by Ani Williams, lyrics Tibetan mantra




Song Of The Jaguar (1989) CD and Lyric Book— A musical journey through Mayan, Celtic, and Sumerian cultures with harp, vocals and Mayan flutes.

"What lovely music!" — Shirley MacLaine

"I love all of Ani's exquisite musical work, and this new one especially. Its obvious love and praises for Mother Earth and her children are the flowering song of our new time." — Brooke Medicine Eagle

"Ani's lyrical voice and serene harp are wonderfully offset by neo-shamanic elements, resulting in a recording of great sensitivity and power." —Backroads Distributors

Sound clip from Song of the Jaguar — Jaguar, music by Ani Williams






Songaia Sound Medicine CDs


Songaia Sound Medicine (1994) - This 3-CD set includes 12 separate cuts with the 12 tones of the musical scale, each tone corresponding to specific emotional and physical patterns. A sound healing tool featuring harp, didgeridu, whale song, harmonic chant and bells.





Songaia Sound Therapy--Volume I

"Songaia is the closest sound to what I experience in meditation."
J.B. Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Sound clip from Songaia--Volume I    -- D - Gemini tone, by Ani Williams




Songaia Sound Therapy--Volume II

"Our children suffering from limited motor response and autism were dramatically helped by the use of Songaia Sound." —Patricia Villegas, O.T.,P.T., Mexico City.

Sound clip from Songaia Sound Therapy--Volume II  -- F# - Libra tone, by Ani Williams




Songaia Sound Therapy--Volume III

"Songaia Sound is an important part in Tyler's (autistic son) healing process, and he is now playing his missing tones!" —Cynthia, Los Angeles mother.

Sound clip from Songaia Sound Therapy--Volume III  -- G# - Sagittarius tone, by Ani Williams




Music Chart Color Wheel

Laminated Color Wheel

The illustrated Songaia Sound Wheel shows sound, color and zodiacal associations. According to the findings of historical sound healing pioneers Johannes Kepler, Pythagoras, and many ancient cultural traditions, the planetary frequency patterns are mirrored in life on earth, in music, geometry, and in our bodies. This was called 'musica speculativa', or music as a mirror of the cosmos, by many researchers in Kepler's era of the 16th century.



$19.98 each



Nu-Clear Frequencies

NU-CLEAR 60 minute CD with Songaia Sound Medicine tones C F A# (B flat) and B for clearing stress, anxiety and energetic effects of radioactive elements.

(This is energy medicine and is not meant to be a medical prescription. Consult your health care specialist if a health-threatening level of radiation is suspected.)

In the Songaia Sound Medicine system of therapy, we use tones based on the elements in the periodic table, which are each listed with an atomic weight. These are the 106 elements occurring in various combinations on our planet. The frequency assigned to each element is a number based on this atomic weight, i.e. cesium is 132.9052, which in Hertz, or cycles per second, is a C tone in the octave of a male chanting voice.

22 toxic elements are used in nuclear power reactors and rods. I have only listed the elements indicated to have the most long lasting threats to humans and nature:

Strontium 90 - Half life 28.78 years
Iodine 131 - Half life 8.0 days
Cesium 137 - Half life 30.17 years
Uranium 235 - Half life 7.04 E 8 years
Uranium 238 - Half life 4.57 E 9 years
Plutonium 239 - Half life 24,100 years
Plutonium 238 - Half life 87.74 years
Plutonium 240 - Half life 6,500 years
Plutonium 241 - Half life 14.0 years

The atomic weight of each of the elements being released from the nuclear reactors translated to Hertz gives the following
B, C (126.9 Atomic weight/Hz) Iodine
C (132.9 Atomic weight/Hz) Cesium
B flat, B (238.02 Atomic weight/Hz) Uranium
B (244 Atomic Hz) Plutonium
F (87.62 Atomic weight/Hz) Strontium

Toning instructions are included in the CD.








Books with contributions by Ani Williams


Earthwalking Sky Dancers

In this collection, Leila Castle has gathered together women--including Ani Williams--writing about spiritual initiation, identity, and transformation.

Their pilgrimages are inspired by places sacred to many traditions worldwide--among them Old European Goddess, geomancy, Tibetan Buddhism, Native American, Peruvian shamanism, and Mayan.

Their stories explore interdependence and autonomy, connection to the earth, and developing a new spiritual voice.

They relate journeys to far-off Australia, Hawaii, and Africa, as well as to rural England and New Mexico.

Sometimes they write about becoming a person vastly different from the wife, mother, artist, student, or academic individual who started the journey.







The Cathar View - The Mysterious Legacy of Montsegur

Ani Williams, along with 24 other intriguing contributors share their views on the medieval Cathars, a 12th and 13th century mystical sect of healers based in the South of France. Chapters include viewpoints about the Holy Grail - the basis of the Da Vinci Code and the legend of Mary Magdalene. The authors take a heartfelt look at the landscape of the Languedoc and what it holds for walkers and mystics alike.

Here is an excerpt from Ani’s chapter entitled A Troubadour’s Journey Through Cathar Country: For author C.S. Lewis, the troubadours “...effected a change which has left no corner of our ethics, our imagination, or our daily life untouched…”




Previous Recordings by Ani Williams


Sky Dance (1987) - "Sky Dance is a paean to the earth, sky and oceans. A serene, reflective recording, radiant in its love of all things natural." —Pulse Magazine

Violets In Spring (1985) - "Ani's harp and angelic voice give this music a timeless universal quality... a seamless flow of ever-changing beauty." —Heartsong Review

Summer Rose (1983) - Soaring harp, flute and voice.

"Summer Rose is one of the most outstanding albums that we have listened to." —Magical Blend Magazine

"The best program of music for meditation I've heard in the last five years." —New Age Journal 1985
Lotus Returning (1982) - Ani's first recording, with harp, flute and vocals.
"The sacred rings through like a bell evoking ancient memories and the higher self... touches upon the crystalline center of the listener... beautiful." —Ladyslipper Records

"The best program of music for meditation I've heard in the last five years." —New Age Journal 1985

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