Guardians Of The Dragon Path MP3

NEW: Special double album to accompany readers of Guardians of the Dragon Path, a Path of Songs journey to Pyrenean temples of Isis, Artemis, Hygeia, Maria Magdalena, the Black Madonna of Montserrat. Includes a 33-page Lyric Book and interactive map of music videos filmed on location!


Guardians of the Dragon Path double album is a “Camino de Canciones,” a path of songs journey to Catalonia’s temples of Artemis, Isis, and Hygeia—the mountain hermitages of the Black Madonna of Montserrat and Maria Magdalena, dragon guardians of the Pyrenees, the legendary Celtic Princess Pyrene, and much more.

The compilation of twenty songs (1 hour, 43 min) includes two brand new releases: “Guardianes—Seal of Magdalena,” and “Tears of Isis,” music to accompany the reader’s journey to sanctuaries on the Dragon Path, the Camino de Santiago, and beyond. The album download includes a 33-page lyric book with full-color images and stories. In addition, the download includes a specially created Path of Songs map with numerous music videos shot on location at sites in the book, all designed to provide a multi-media experience of the extraordinary Pyrenean “Guardians” legacy.

Included with the double album is a 33-page lyric book with images and stories, and the Path of Songs music video map.  Enjoy the journey!


Here is a sneak peek at one of the music videos included in the Path of Songs, filmed at the temples of Isis and Serapis, Empúries, Catalonia: “I Am All That Is”


And don’t forget, Guardians of the Dragon Path book is now available!


Ani Williams

— Harp, vocals

Claudia Tulip

Claudia Tulip

— Silver, wooden flutes

Fitzhugh Jenkins

Fitzhugh Jenkins

— Guitar, bass

Allen Ames

Allen Ames

— Viola, violin






Pablo Gabarron

— Flamenco Guitar

Kenny Star and Barthememy Izoard — Recording, mixing, mastering

CD cover design: Tudor Sebastian Vlaicu.

All music, text, images ©2023 Ani Williams

Short clips from each track:

01 Mag-Ma of the Deeps

02 Dragon's Serenade

03 Regina de Montserrat

04 Dragon & Pearl

05 Tears of Isis

06 Calling Pyrene

07 Fire on the Mountain

08 Salt of Earth

09 Nefer Ka Ra

10 Mariam Maria

11 Nuestra Dona de Catalonia

12 Always Remember You

13 Guardianes-Seal of Magdalena

14 Andamos y Cantamos

15 Dance of Artemis

16 I Am All That Is

17 Orphic Hymn to Hygiea

18 Viva la Santa Maria

19 Bath Kol

20 The Swan