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Voice Spectrum Analysis

We combine medicine and Orpheus’ lyre. To the Egyptian priests medicine, music and the mysteries were one and the same…
Marcilio Ficino, 15th c AD

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Everyone has a unique voice pattern that reveals the sound codes for health and freedom. After analyzing thousands of  speaking tone patterns, we discovered that most people are only using about 50% of their potential vocal frequencies!

Voice Frequency Graph
Voice Frequency Graph

Using a Voice Analysis instrument, we identify which vocal tones are dropping out, and then those tones are introduced to promote wholeness, healing and freedom.

With Voice Spectrum Analysis we find frequencies to:

  • Increase brain wave coherence, body integrity and life energy
  • Develop vocal resonance and effective, clear communication
  • Release limiting patterns and increase clarity and creativity
  • Reduce stress and incoherent emotional and physical patterns
  • Increase personal empowerment and ability to manifest ones true purpose
  • With Songaia Sound Medicine CDs, discover the power of toning

“Each person has a harmonic signature that is distinctive, unique and individual. The energy in the human voice can be measured with a Spectrum Analyzer and frequencies can be sorted to reflect vibrations in frequency bands associated with the notes C through B on a piano. When individual frequencies are played back to the person, the resultant change can be reflected at the cellular level, in brain wave patterns, unification of the energy field and in the experiential state of being.” Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.

chakra-tone-chart-12As Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “The Voice is the barometer of the soul.”

The human voice is truly a barometer of the soul, and one’s unique voice print can reveal emotional, physical, and genetic frequency patterns. When an individual’s missing or stressed tones are played back using one or more of the 12 tones on the Songaia Sound CDs, distinct changes in the physical, mental and emotional states can be observed, as well as altered brain states, associated with healing. Songaia (meaning “earth song”) can open a gateway to greater creativity, healing, balance and clarity.

Here is a new article on breathing and toning techniques to develop a deeper, resonant, and more powerful voice: Hara Breath and Toning


Scheduling a Voice Spectrum Analysis Appointment:
Voice Frequency Analysis
Voice Frequency Analysis


Voice Analysis Sessions include:

  • Personal Voice Pattern Chart highlighting your personal ‘signature tones’
  • Tone Correlation Chart of physical and emotional issues associated with ones missing frequencies 
  • A 25% coupon for Songaia Sound Mp3 download
  • Toning Instructions
  • Medical Astrology and Planetary Tones
  • Explanation of signature tones and your goals

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Here is an article from Wall Street Journal, “What Your Voice Reveals About You” describing voice diagnostic applications in medicine and identifying who and how you are.  Voice Analysis Science

Voice Spectrum Analysis sessions last 1 hour and include an additional hour of practitioner’s preparation and completion of the session. Most appointments take place remotely via online Zoom meetings and an easy link is sent to the client prior to the Voice Analysis. During a session, the tone patterns of your speaking voice are assessed to determine which frequencies are stressed or dropping out.

These missing frequencies are then introduced by toning along with the Songaia Sound Medicine tones to create a balanced and integrated vibrational state. A session includes personalized tone charts, a 9-page file of instructions and visual charts, and 25% discount for Songaia CDs or MP3s.

Long Distance Sessions are done online on your computer, not phone, via Zoom meeting. After registering online, Ani will email you to find a suitable time and date for your session. The results of the session, Zoom recording and charts are normally emailed within 2 hours of the analysis.


The Sound Alchemy–Bio-Acoustics Training is now online! Enrollment is open. See official announcement at 


Ani Williams studied with Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options BioAcoustics,
Oded Mansura of Israel, Fabien Maman, sound researcher.
Williams developed Songaia Sound Medicine and 12-Tone Songaia CDs in 1992-1994
and has three decades of experience serving clients worldwide.