We are the song that changes everything

If we are the song that changes everything, what is our personal song, our unique sound signature? Voice Analysis sessions and Sound Alchemy trainings show us how to find the key frequencies to activate our fullest potential.


The long-awaited book by Ani Williams is described by leading authors as

“Astonishing, stunning, a masterwork, extraordinary, spellbinding, a fascinating tour de force!”

“Brings a stronger presence of the divine.”

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Sound Alchemy Bio-Acoustics Training

Announcing the launch of Sound Alchemy—Bio-Acoustic Trainings now ongoing!
Join the international team of sound practitioners and the collective voices for a New Earth.

“We use Voice Analysis to find the blueprint, tones for healing to return our Lost Chord.”

A short introduction with Ani Williams on Sound Medicine trainings.

When we know our personal sound signature, we have the keys for maintaining the health and harmony of body-mind and spirit. The 5th century BCE Greek teacher Pythagoras believed that the music of the spheres created by the movements of the planets contained sound keys. These sound patterns are mirrored in the human energy system and can be read in the voice patterns.

“The universe is a symphony of strings. The mind of God is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace.”


Children's Hospital, Mexico City

“You have played an important part in our autistic son’s healing process. He is communicating better and steadily healing. He is playing music and playing his missing notes!”

~ Mother

“I've had my voice analyzed and without this missing note back in our life, we aren't working with all 8 cylinders. This is a life-changing tool!”

~ Eileen Nauman, Homeopath, Medical Astrology teacher

"After listening to the Songaia A# frequency, my high blood pressure in now down to 121/77. The visual disturbance that has been bothering me is almost gone. Good medicine!”

~ J.S. Nurse in Arizona

Voice Analysis Session, Durango Mexico

“Children suffering from limited motor response and autism were dramatically impacted by the use of Songaia Sound in our sessions. We saw coordinated movement where there was none previously. Those who normally did not speak were able to vocalize along with the music.”

~ Patricia Villegas, OT/PT in Child Neuro-development in Mexico City, Mexico