Interview: The Song Within – Frequencies that Liberate

Filmed by Sedonafilm for the documentary The Song Within, this interview with Ani describes her work with Voice Analysis sound therapy and her meeting with an autistic boy. Music is the bridge, a language that breaks the barriers of silence. Ani's work with Voice Analysis finds the sound keys that liberate individuals to live their fullest more >

Interview: Song Within – Music Moves Nature

This clip is from the documentary The Song Within filmed by Sedonafilm. Ani describes the organic way that songs are received, heard from within. And when she sings or plays in nature, the elements respond...sometimes an animal will pause to listen or reply...even elephants have been known to dance in rhythm with the song!read more >
Nu Clear Frequencies CD Sound Therapy

Nu Clear Frequencies CD Sound Therapy

An interview with Ani Williams on WorldViewZ Cultural Exchange March 14, 2011 ~ I awoke to a brilliant sunrise and began to pray for the people and country of Japan, for the containment of the radioactive materials in the nuclear power plants, for the earth, for our children who will inherit the toxic aftermath, and began to weep. I thought, what can I do to help? As the information began pouring in, an idea began to formulate: Find the tones that will help humanity, and make a CD with those tones, and donate part of the proceeds to the relief…read more >