Ani Williams

A Troubadour’s Journey in Cathar Country: Part 2

“Al cap dels sèt cent ans, verdejara lo laurèl. The laurel will flourish again in 700 years”

This quote was said to be a prophecy given by a Cathar Parfait in the 13th century. Seven centuries after the 1244 massacre at Montsegur, many souls would be reborn to take up the torch and return to this land called Languedoc, to find the fragments of the Cathar church of love, the peaceful way of the dove.”

A Troubadour’s Journey in Cathar Country: Part 1

“For author C.S. Lewis, the troubadours “…effected a change which has left no corner of our ethics, our imagination, or our daily life untouched.”

Echoes of the troubadour’s song can still be heard across the lands of Oc, ringing in the silence and the song of the nightingale, in the melody of flowing springs and sometimes a chanson from a modern minstrel. Since the beginning of time, the music of nature and of muse wove a spell that sustained the harmonious patterns across the landscape and between earth and heaven.


Live performance in Rennes-les-Bains Church in Languedoc, France, October 12, 2014. ‘She’ was composed by Ani Williams and originally recorded ‘Children of the Sun’ and ‘Earth Rising’ CDs available at …

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