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The long-awaited book by Ani Williams is described by leading authors as

“Astonishing, stunning, a masterwork, extraordinary, spellbinding, a fascinating tour de force!”

HISTORY, MYSTERY, and ENCHANTMENT await the reader in this captivating journey down the Paris Meridian, and its antiquity as a Dragon Path, a network of ancient sites that existed long before scientists measured the meridian.

Mystical encounters with the “Guardians” of standing stones, temples of Egyptian and Greek deities, and hidden sanctuaries of Maria Magdalena–you’ll enter an enigmatic landscape of mysteries revealed for the first time.

Discover the ancient Way of the Stars, a pilgrimage predating the Camino de Santiago by five millennia!
Learn how this initiation path overlays the author’s ground-breaking discovery of an ancient landscape cross spanning the Pyrenees, defined by megalithic temples aligned with the stars, constructed 6,000 years ago.
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Rodes Coin - Ani Williams
Guardians Of The Dragon Path book

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Book Reviews

Rodes Coin - Ani Williams
Magdalena-church-La-Bussiere-Madeleine-France -- Any Williams

“A ground-breaking, exceptional book, Ani Williams brings a new dimension to all serious discussions about Mary Magdalene’s life after the crucifixion and beyond. Richly researched and well-written, a masterwork of the legends, history, and spirituality which flourished in the Pyrenees and Catalonia.”​

“A stunning new book by Ani Williams! Guardians of the Dragon Path truly advances our knowledge of the lost world of Pyrenean myth, divine femininity, and places of ancient power for the very first time. Williams reveals patterns engineered by ancient surveyors of a magical landscape that is finally being understood. A valuable addition to every ancient mysteries bookshelf."

13 Minorca Taula - Ani Williams

“The breadth and depth of your book is awe-inspiring—a compilation of ancient wisdom, Christian lore, and European history. It’s an amazing tour-de-force, reflecting years of careful study and devoted attention to detail. Your music adds even greater dimensions of appeal. Congratulations on creating this classic!”

“A fascinating tour de force. Beware, Reader! This book challenges much of what we think we know about Mary Magdalene, the Grail, the Camino de Santiago, dragons—and so much more.”

Sant Pere de Rodes Camino 2 - Ani Williams

“Deeply spellbinding, evocative, and packed with geomantic information! Ani Williams reveals the celestial imprint upon the Pyrenean landscape, a design known and used by the ancient ancestors. An extraordinary book!”

“This volume is filled with astonishing new discoveries and will be my new go-to reference work on the secrets of Mary Magdalene’s legacy! Williams follows her dreams to reveal a six-pointed star and a Great Cross defined by Magdalene and Templar churches, mysteriously aligned with the ancient Way of the Stars. Packed with jaw-dropping revelations. A life’s work of the highest alchemical gold! What are you waiting for?”

21 Magdalena in Cassiopeia - Ani William

“An enticing mix of scholarly research and Gnostic mysticism. I’m hooked! Loving your ideas and words, the discoveries, and your emphasis on the positive, Empowered Feminine.”

Rodes Coin - Ani Williams
Guardians Of The Dragon Path book

New Book Available Now

Get the long-awaited book by Ani Williams from the selected bookseller now.

Special-release music album Available Now

Guardians of the Dragon Path music LP MP3

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