‘Song of Sophia – Feminine Paths of Power and Healing’

September 6-14, 2018

Travel with Ani Williams as she guides you through a tour in mystical France and Spain




pilgrimages france spain

Our current era has been called the Sophianic Millennium. Sophia is the Feminine Redeemer–her name means Wisdom and in the ancient texts, it is she who imbues the earthly realm with Light and Sound:

“Light remembered me and heard my song.” 

 ‘Pistis Sophia’, Coptic Gnostic Codex, 2nd-3rd c. AD


  • Travel the ancient paths of wise women who guided humanity throughout the ages–in ancient temples, springs, and pristine mountains. 
  • Discover the healing traditions of Artemis, Isis, Venus-Pyrene, Hygeiea, and the Mary initiates in this region’s most beautiful sacred sites. 
  • Feel the power of this land, where the Pyrenees mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea in an alchemical dance of fire and water. 
  • Experience an immersion in Sophianic Sound Traditions and experience the transformation within yourself.

The Pyrenees region is alive with the sound science and wisdom traditions of early Christian mystics, Arabian alchemists, Jewish kabbalists and Greek temples of healing. Come to Catalonia, where Our Lady of Montserrat reigns as Queen of Heaven and Earth. We complete our journey in her private chapel on the sacred mountain of Montserrat!


Tour includes:

  • Sites of Mary Magdalene and Isis in France and Spain
  • Asclepian and Isis Greek healing temples at Empuries
  • Our Lady of Montserrat, Black Madonna of Catalonia
  • Monastery Sant Pere de Rodes on the Camino de Compostella
  • Ancient Temple of Venus and Holy Well on the Mediterranean
  • Girona medieval city, where we chant in Kabbalistic shrines
  • Rennes-le-Chateau and the mysterious church of Mary Magdalene
  • Rennes-les-Bains’ thermal waters of the Deux Rennes, Two Queens
  • Hygeiea temple healing chant at the Greek Asklepian site


pilgrimages france spain

  • Our eco-spa-hotel in Catalonia has its own private beach with a 2 kilometer long boardwalk, on the spectacular Costa Brava sea next to the healing temples of Isis, Serapis and Asklepius. 
  • In Languedoc, France our retreat is the historic four-towered Chateau Ducs de Joyeuse on the River Aude.
  • In Girona we stay in the historic Jewish Quarter–a short walk to the cathedral, medieval chapels, Garden  of Angels and Kaballists, and the sanctuary of an appearance of Our Lady with the Cup.
  • At Montserrat we stay next to the Basilica of Our Lady.


pilgrimages france spain

   “Mariham…speak in boldness…you who will give light upon everything.”                

Jesus speaking to Mary Magdalene in the Pistis Sophia Codex

Throughout the Pyrenees region in both France and Spain there remain the pathways and memories of the Great Mother Goddess. She is known as Mari, Sophia, Artemis, Isis, and in Iberia as Our Lady of ‘Offrendas’ (offerings). Her cup is the cauldron of life, birth and inspiration.  

Multiple appearances of Our Lady with the Cup occurred in the Pyrenees region and several hundred apparitions of Nuestra Doña are documented by the Catholic Church. She came as a healer, awakener and as a voice of the divine.

Throughout this pilgrimage, we will balance the depth of the sacred with the joy of delicious food, wine from local vineyards and good humor.




pilgrimages france spain


Why travel with the healing sounds of Ani Williams? 

The Song of the Troubadour’s Harp rings through the Ancient Springs, Chateaux and Chapels, enchanting the heart of nature, stirring us to remember. For more than twenty-five years, Ani Williams has been guiding groups to places of power. She brings a wealth of knowledge of the sacred landscape, the history and mystery of the region. With live music and chant, the ancient shrines come to life, evoking a deeply transformative experience for every participant.

“Questing is an adventure to bring into fulfillment your gift to the world, which is yourself.” 

~Joseph Campbell

pilgrimages france spain


What is a Pilgrimage and the Grail Quest?

A pilgrimage is a return to the center of the circle of life, taking time out from our fragmented and fast-paced world. It provides an opportunity to become inspired, re-dream our lives and to step beyond what we imagined to be possible. A pilgrimage is a quest for the sacred.

For individuals in today’s stressful and sometimes chaotic world, a pilgrimage could be defined as a necessity for spiritual survival…to reconnect with beauty, nature, spirit and what we each consider to be food for the soul.

The Grail Quest is a path traveled by countless pilgrims throughout the ages, seeking to find a way out of the Waste Land of suffering and forgetfulness. In Grail legends, the Waste Land according to Joseph Campbell, is the place where the vitality, spontaneity and meaning of life has gone. Our quest today is to recover that which is authentic, sacred and magically alive in each one of us, a return to the center and our essential nature. Through pilgrimage we discover that which my Tibetan teacher would term Ground Luminosity, the radiance that we truly are.



Watch Ani Williams create an impromptu rendition of Hallelujah during the Song of the Grail Pilgrimage September 2014 at Puivert Chateau.


Tour Magdala in beautiful Rennes-le-Chateau and the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer in Magdalene’s Church

Song of the Grail Television Interview with Ani Williams by Nancy Bloom on Life Passages


Testimonials from our tour participants:

“What a wonderful time that I had. You put so much planning and care into the pilgrimage and it really showed. I will never forget it.” 

Gail Southwell, retired business executive

“Ani, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. You were an excellent pilgrimage leader, everything went so smoothly, and I had experiences of places, people, and the spiritual that have left lasting impressions on my life.”  

Jill Dubisch, Anthropology Professor and author of Pilgrimage and Healing

“A trip of a lifetime—it was perfect!” 

Nancy Myers, author

“Since our pilgrimage, I have found myself humming and dreaming of the songs we sang and chanted together in magical places along the way. The things I learned on the tour are helping me overcome the fear and anxiety in taking the next step in my life.” 

Young business executive

A heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful trip and creating a very special experience for all of us. You truly live your mission and help others as we enter into the crossroads of life.”  

Judith M.

“Gratitude to you forever for opening so many doors!” 

E. Lee, world traveler

“Thank you so much again for sharing the places and more importantly, the people along the tour that are near and dear to your heart and inner experience.  And Costa Brava… Woo hoo!”  

Suzanne S.

“I loved your Song of the Grail pilgrimage!  You put much energy and love into this 9 day spiritual adventure. I am so grateful to have been a participant.”  

Oregon mother