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Songaia Sound Medicine was founded by Ani Williams in 1992 and is an integrative system of sound therapy based on decades of work with indigenous sound traditions and trainings with various bio-acoustic therapy teachers. Songaia (earth song) incorporates Hermetic sound science, Voice Spectrum Analysis, Medical Astrology and the Songaia Sound tone meditations.

“The person who has found the keynote in their voice has found the key to their life.” Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan

Human Instrument, Aaron GoodmanEvery individual has a unique voiceprint which can be charted with Voice Analysis to reveal patterns of sound. This voiceprint is a barometer of our state of being and missing voice tones are related to physical, emotional and mental patterns. The missing voice tones are then listened to and vocalized to support health and wholeness.

In 1994, Williams developed Songaia Sound  a series of recordings based on the 12-tone musical scale. Since many of the current sound therapy applications are utilizing digitally created sound, she wanted to create a harmonically natural alternative. Many of the therapeutic sound products use digitally produced frequencies which cannot match the purity and power of natural sound harmonics. These 12 tone recordings combine the healing resonance of harp, Australian didjeridu, overtone chanting, and Tibetan singing bowls, all instruments used therapeutically by ancient cultures for thousands of years. Each of the 12 tones correlate with specific physical conditions, organs of the body and emotional patterns. Songaia Sound Medicine 12-Tone Recordings

“Voice is the key to find locked emotion in the body; to release, we must use the same note that locked it, the point of emotional trauma.” Fabion Maman

Hermes Planetary Tones and Medical Astrology

“The sky and its stars make music in you.” Denderah Egypt temple inscription

The ancient Egyptians and the Greek visionaries Plato and Pythagoras knew the science of the stars and attributed specific tones of music to the movements of the heavens. In the Hermetic traditions handed down to us through the Kabbalah, the 15th c neo-Platonic Academies of Marcilio Ficino and 16th c Johannes Kepler, we find the teachings of As Above, So Below in the mirroring of planetary sounds in humans.

“By their harmonious rays and motions penetrating everything, planets daily influence our spirit secretly, just as music does openly.” Marsilio Ficino ‘Three Books on Life’

Musica Speculativa–Music as a mirror of the cosmos

Milky Way NASA JPLOne of the most exciting aspects of our work at Songaia Sound is in observing thousands of clients demonstrating the truth stated on the Egyptian temple wall at Denderah: “The sky and its stars make music in you.” The planetary sound pattern at the moment of birth is mirrored in the human energy system. Our voice is encoded with the song of the stars! These tones can be measured in the voice print. With the Songaia system we identify the sound keys to unlock our greatest potential and open gateways for healing.

The key to healing is to restore the missing tones, integrating all frequencies to bring wholeness and healing.
Ani Williams

Playing the full spectrum our living symphony, and especially audibly sounding these tones (called toning), has been found to have the following effects:

  • Releases ‘feel good’ endorphins and supports healthy immune system function
  • Nourishes and harmonizes the physical and emotional bodies
  • Assists in releasing limiting belief systems, stress and general dis-ease
  • Alters brain waves, inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing
  • Creates coherent mind-heart-body rhythms and a sense of being centered and balanced
  • Expands creativity, vision, and clarity, opening a gateway for freedom


In the ideal whole and healthy state, our bodies and minds are ‘singing’ with the healing harmonies of the stars and the earth — humming with the natural harmonics of the uni-verse.

“We are the stars which sing—we sing with your light.” — Algonquian song 

Brain States 1

Songaia Sound Creates Coherent Brain States

Brain wave research conducted with Juan Acosta, PhD. at the University of Washington during a six month period in 1997 demonstrated that listening to Songaia Sound CDs immediately altered brain states. Within three minutes of listening to the Songaia music, the brain exhibited strong Alpha and Theta brain state coherence, which is known to enhance the immune function of the body, reduce stress and pain.

Here is an article from Wall Street Journal, “What Your Voice Reveals About You” describing voice diagnostic applications in medicine and identifying who and how you are:  Voice Analysis Science

The Sound Alchemy–Bio-Acoustics Training is now online! Enrollment is open. 


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