Voice Spectrum Analysis – Long Distance Session


Long Distance Sessions are by phone or Skype.

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Voice Analysis Sessions include:

  • Personal Voice Pattern Chart highlighting ones personal ‘gateway tones’
  • Tone Correlation Chart of physical and emotional issues associated with missing frequencies
  • Toning Instructions
  • Planetary Tone Correlations Chart—a map of the heavenly tones mirrored in your voice
  • Chakra Chart highlighting weak tones

Voice Spectrum Analysis sessions last 1-1/2 to 2 hours. In a session, the tone patterns of your speaking voice are assessed to determine which frequencies are stressed or dropping out. These missing frequencies are then introduced by toning with Songaia Sound to create a balanced and integrated vibrational state.

Long Distance Sessions are by phone or Skype. (Sorry, no cell phones). The results of the session will be emailed on the day following the phone analysis.