Ruach Ha Koidesh

Ani Williams plays and sings 'Ruach Ha Koidesh' - 'Holy Breath / Holy Spirit' - together with her audience at a concert in Rennes-les-Bains Church, France, on October 12, 2014. Filmed and edited by Stephen Michael more >

Walking Through

“We are the love that moves the stars We are the song that changes everything, We are the love that moves the world Our time is now, the season of the heart. We are the people, our time is NOW. We are the people walking through to a new world!” Walking Through was filmed in 2012 at Brenac Church, Languedoc, France by Stephen Michael Marcus for the DVD ‘Ani Williams Live in Sacred France’. I first recorded it in 1999 on the CD ‘Shemah–The Calling’. The lyrics were inspired by the world teacher Jean Houston and are so very appropriate…read more >

Fragrance of Fire

Ani Williams enchants with a performance of her modern Troubadour composition "Fragrance of Fire" in the church of Serre in the French Languedoc. July 2014. Filmed and edited by Stephen M. more >

Maria Sophia

Ani Williams performs her beautiful composition a capella with Tibetan bowls in the church of Serre in the French Languedoc. July 2014. Filmed and edited by Stephen M. more >

Interview: The Song Within – Frequencies that Liberate

Filmed by Sedonafilm for the documentary The Song Within, this interview with Ani describes her work with Voice Analysis sound therapy and her meeting with an autistic boy. Music is the bridge, a language that breaks the barriers of silence. Ani's work with Voice Analysis finds the sound keys that liberate individuals to live their fullest more >

Interview: Song Within – Music Moves Nature

This clip is from the documentary The Song Within filmed by Sedonafilm. Ani describes the organic way that songs are received, heard from within. And when she sings or plays in nature, the elements respond...sometimes an animal will pause to listen or reply...even elephants have been known to dance in rhythm with the song!read more >
New CD – Song of Sophia

New CD – Song of Sophia

Harp, enchanting vocals and violira, recorded in seven chapels and abbeys in Languedoc, France. The chapels of the Cathars, Templars, and earliest Christians produce a pure harmonic acoustic that transports the listener to this mystical land of the grail. Songs include: Lux Lucet, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Nefer Ka Ra, Gayatri Mantra and Mariam Maria Sophia. Reviews: “Sublime!” — Next in the West magazine “Beautiful, haunting.” — P.T. Psychotherapist “Sensual, luscious sound—brings to life the memory of being in those ancient times.” — R.B., M.S.W. health care professional BUY CD  --  BUY MP3read more >

Garden of Blue Roses

'Garden of Blue Roses' by Ani Williams from the CD 'Garden of the Magdalene'. "In the garden of blue roses, I met Our Lady there. And lying quite close beside her, the Unicorn so fair." The Unicorn tapestries weave the love story of Our Lady and the Unicorn, symbolic of the epic love between Solomon and Sheba in the Song of Songs of the Bible. It is also the love story of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and their meeting in the Garden of Gethsemane: "In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Sun and Moon did meet, And spreading o'er the kingdom,…read more >

Salt of the Earth

'Salt of Earth' by Ani Williams—Live in concert in Brenac Church, Languedoc, France. June 2012  ©Ani Williams. Produced and directed by Stephen Michael Marcus. "Two thousand years was not in vain, in every woman you rise again..." This song was inspired by Mary Magdalene, who was the first to see her beloved Yeshua in the garden after the crucifixion. She was a true seer, a woman who saw all. She was sometimes called the Salt of the Earth, the Light of the World. This song is dedicated to Kathleen McGowen and Filip Coppens and is featured on Ani's CD Song of…read more >

Salt of Earth

Ani Williams describes the inspiration of her song "Salt of Earth", a deep tribute to Mary Magdalene, and plays and sings in a circle of friends at a home in the High Valley of the Aude in ancient Cathar more >
Nuclear Frequencies

Nuclear Frequencies

2021 Sound Alchemy France Sedona This article covers the relationships between frequencies, elements, astrology and healing. This integrated system mirrors the heavenly patterns on earth and was rooted in Hermetic knowledge. For more, see the Sound Medicine and Voice Analysis pages on this site. Quan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion and healing. Her longer name is Guanshiyin, which means “observing the Sounds (or cries) of the world.”   March 11, 2011 ~ I awoke to the shocking news of the major earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, and began to pray for the people and region. I called on…read more >
The Hero and the Goddess

The Hero and the Goddess

by Jean Houston-- Interview and commentary by Ani Williams “One of the potencies of The Odyssey lies in its origins: It is bardic. People spoke and sang this great poem. We charge and change the brain when we sing and chant.” All article quotes by Jean Houston This interview with Jean was recorded Spring Equinox 2009 and edited on the New Moon December 14, 2009, the birthday of the esteemed cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead. There are no accidents in the timing of things, as Mead helped launch an entire life’s work for a young Jean Houston. In her early life,…read more >