Luna Trece CD

Inspired harp rhythms featuring Mazatl Galindo’s Mayan-Aztec flute magic. Vibrant music honoring the lunar cycles.


Aztec and Mayan flutes and panpipes weave through Ani’s harp and passionate voice,
creating an album of majestic beauty and depth . . . like the colors of the heart.


In the mountains south of Mexico City is the sacred site of Tepoztlan,
birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent.
Ani gave a concert for the 1996 spring equinox, playing many of these songs as a prayer for the Earth.

Over a thousand attendees were blessed by the chants
of visiting Tibetan monks in the opening ceremony,
and with a rare thunder, lightning and wind storm when the concert ended . . .
this music carries that power and experience.

Short clips from each track:

01 San Miguel

02 Tepoztlan

03 Sun Colors

04 Luna Trece

05 Xochicl

06 Luna Crecience

07 When Birds Take Flight

08 Casa De Pinturas

09 Swan

10 Eclipse

11 Luna Azul