Chalice of Holy Fire CD

Kabbalah chants and music to illuminate our way with harp, lushly layered vocals, violin, ancient flutes and drum.


Chalice of Holy Fire—features music and chant inspired by the ancient Kaballah tradition, using mantra and sacred sounds to awaken the divine blueprint within and illuminate our Holy Fire. Awakenings Collection Volume I is the first in a series of new releases, each with a unique cultural theme. This CD has re-mastered selections from five of Ani’s previous recordings and features harp, rich vocal layering, violin, flute, gong and drum. The listener may sing along, as these mantras contain seed syllables or bijas that act as keys to open doorways of conscious awakening and well-being. Here is a very brief description of the meaning of each of the mantras chosen for this collection:

Ha Shem—Mother of all names, the living emanation of divine essence. Shemah: Listen to the calling.

El Shaddai—Protector, divine architect, luminous potentiality. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh: I am that I am.

Bnai Elohim—Brother and sisterhood of Light, angelic community serving the higher vision for humanity.

Kodoish—(Kodoish 3x, Adonai Tsebayoth) Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God. Salutation of the messengers.

Aramaic Lord’s Prayer—Abwoon, birther of the cosmos, light and sound of creation, enter my holy kingdom within.

Ain Soph—Limitless light, the foundation of all. Soph or Sophia is wisdom.

Sing Shekinah Sing—Yod He Vau He, the key syllables of creation form the foundation chant in this piece. Shekinah is the divine feminine presence. Poem inspired by 14th c Kashmiri poet Lala.

Ruach Ha Koidesh—Holy spirit, holy breath. Descent of holy fire and the dove during the baptism.

Jeshurun—Humanity united, working together with music and prayer to rise above chaos and limitation.

Lux Lucet—Latin from the Gospel of John:  Lux Lucet in Tenebris, the Light shineth in the darkness. Recorded in Church of St. Sebastian, Camapagne sur Aude, France.

Eloha Elohim—The living Gods. EL and AL are the root syllables for God in Hebrew and Arabic.

Mariam Maria—Mariam Maria Sophia Ain Soph—Agape (Mysterioi) Theou, Agape (Mysterioi) Christu: Mother of infinite light and wisdom; Love of God, love of Christ; Mystery of Love, mystery of Christ)

Eloha Umma—World Mother, soul of the world. The ever-burning flame of  life within all life.

Sophia-Chokmah Invocation—Sophia-Chokmah is wisdom. Recorded in Notre Dame de Marceille, Limoux, France.

Short clips from each track:

01 Ha Shem

02 El Shaddai

03 Bnai Elohim

04 Kodoish

05 Aramaic Lord's Prayer

06 Ain Soph

07 Sing Shekinah Sing

08 Ruach Ha Koidesh

09 Jeshurun

10 Lux Lucet

11 Eloha Elohim

12 Mariam Maria

13 Eloha Umma

14 Sophia-Chokmah Invocation

Angels of the Grail–Jewish Museum, Girona, Catalunya
Holy Grail by Malcolm Godwin
Holy Grail by Malcolm Godwin

The Muses:

Ani Williams—harp, vocals, gong, bells. Tina Reichow—percussion. John Dumas— flutes, clay whistles, didjeridu. Stephen Sen’Gerni—mandolin and violin on all songs except ‘Lux Lucet’ and ‘Sophia-Chokmah’ which feature Alan Ames on violin. Fitzhugh Jenkins—guitar on ‘Mariam Maria’.

Cover Art: Crown of Creation’ detail by Dvorah Curtis. The cup of Cosmic Fire or Holy Spirit is the crown in the Tree of Life, the Infinite coming into being and into matter. The two tetrahedra come together to form the star, the integration of  earth and spirit, human and divine, female and male. The chalice is receiving and generating the fire as a bridge to our higher source, the grail of divine illumination. It is received through the female line, the left hand.  See Dvorah’s art at: Cover design by Ani Williams.

Music Credits: All music is composed by Ani Williams except  ‘Mariam Maria’ by Libia Taylor. Remastering at Star Track Studio, Cottonwood, Arizona. Music ©2015 Ani Williams.