Song of Sophia CD


Recorded in chapels of the Cathars, Templars and earliest Christians in SW France, the rich natural acoustics transport the listener to this mystical land of Grail legend.



Harp, enchanting vocals and violira, recorded in seven chapels
and abbeys in Languedoc, France during the Venus Transit June, 2012.
The chapels of the Cathars, Templars, and earliest Christians
produce a pure harmonic acoustic that transports the listener
to this mystical land of the grail.

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Short clips from each track:

01 Viva Santa Maria

02 Salt of Earth

03 Maria-Sophia Invocation

04 Notre Dame de Lourdes

05 Mariam Maria Sophia

06 Spirit Waters

07 Wisdom's Whisper

08 I Am All That Is

09 Lux Lucet

10 Nefer Ka Ra

11 Portal of Sophia

12 Gayatri Mantra

Our current era has been called the Sophianic Millennium,
a time of spiritual awakening and opening of the deeper mysteries.
Sophia as the Great Mother is the Feminine Redeemer—her name
means Wisdom and in the ancient texts, it is she who imbues
the earthly realm with Light and Sound:

Song of Sophia
Song of Sophia

“Light remembered me and heard my song”
 ‘Pistis Sophia’, Coptic Gnostic Codex, 2nd-3rd c. AD


“Sublime!” — Next in the West magazine

“Beautiful, haunting.” — P.T. Psychotherapist

“Sensual, luscious sound—brings to life the memory of being in those ancient times.” — R.B., M.S.W. health care professional

“I love the haunting, extraordinary “Apostola Apostalorum” from my sister-of-the-heart, Ani Williams.  As I listened to this ode to Our Lady Magdalena, I could feel HER presence in the room, helping me, holding my hand and my heart. Ani’s articles and writing are as sublime as her music.” — Kathleen McGowen, bestselling author.