Temple Of The Magi CD

Ancient Hebrew chants with lush vocal harmonies, harp, flute, gong and bells, draw the listener into the ancient Temple of Inner Light. Many of these selections are now on Chalice of Holy Fire CD. Magi CDs out of stock–Mp3 still available.


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Music by Ani Williams
Prayer invocations by Dr. Gary Batten

With the chanting of the Sacred Names, we invoke a harmonic field creating Heaven on Earth…the Language of Light made manifest. We hear the ancient chant priestesses, Bath Kol—Daughters of Voice as they enter the Temple of the Magi invoking the Heavenly Song. We invite you to chant along, adding your own voice to the collective dream for a New Earth.


Temple of the Magi
Temple of the Magi

Short clips from each track:

01 Layooesh Shekinah

02 Yod He Voh He

03 Shalomith Shalom

04 Eloha Umma

05 El Shaddai

06 Jeshurun

07 Prayer For The New Millennium

08 Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth

09 Ha Shem

10 Ain Soph

11 Shillush

12 Temple Blessing

Ani’s singing & Gary’s prayers take us into the temple of the heart.”

“The chanting transforms me and I feel renewed and inspired.”

“This is a MUST HAVE for your spiritual collection of Divine Music. When listening to the music you can feel the celestial harmonics coming through into the sound and through the voices of Gary Batten and Ani Williams. This CD will definitely zing your spirit and activate within you the creative seeds to cultivate a Temple of Living Light within you and manifest on Earth.” Reverend Pamela Jackson