Medicine Song II MP3

Gnostic chants dedicated to Magdalene-Sophia with harp, vocals, violin, mandolin, flutes. New music evoking ancient traditions, inspired by the 2nd c. Pistis Sophia codex.


Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian and Aramaic chants inspired by the Pistis Sophia Gnostic texts and dedicated to Sophia and Mary Magdalene’s praise song. This album is an inspiring and important tool for transformation and healing.

This beautiful and powerful collection was completed just eleven days before the September 11 events. During the first three weeks of September, Ani was on tour with these chants, in peace concerts, on radio and television, encouraging people of all traditions to chant for the well-being of all people and the earth. The transformative chants include harp, rich vocals, violin, viola, flute and middle-eastern percussion.

Short clips from each track:

01 Ruach Ha Koidesh

02 Eloha Elohim

03 Bath Kol

04 Bnai Elohim

05 Mariham

06 Zohar Hadash

07 Se Sekhem Sahu

08 Ari Rang

09 Kwan Yin

10 Sophia

NOTE: Chant Book of Lyrics is only included with the CD version of this album, not with this MP3 version.


This CD features harp, vocals, Egyptian flutes, violin and dunbec,
taking the listener on the path of Sophia-Maria as she chants
in the languages of light, calling her Beloved home.

“Deeply moving. Ani Williams’ Medicine Song chants honor and
celebrate the Feminine in diverse Wisdom traditions…
awakens us to the “Sacred Union” within.”
Margaret Starbird author of “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar” and
“The Goddess in the Gospels.”

“It’s pure balm for the soul…Rukha d’Koodsha”
Lars Muhl, musician, teacher, Denmark

“As I look to the sky, I hear Sophia’s song, my favorite on this album.
You touch the majesty and joy of creation.”
Ananda Music, Poland

“Ani has created a wonderful kind of magic in bringing forth
these powerful chants from the ancient Sophia lineage.”
Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of “The Last Ghost Dance”
and “Buffalo Woman Comes Singing”.

“The people shall rejoice and dance within, and all the kingdoms shall rise together
as if from the mist of the dreams of humanity, and forge a union with the divine…
…and man shall join woman in the final dance of alchemy.”

— “I Remember Union” — The Story of Maria Magdalena by Flo Aeveia Magdalena