Toning Practice

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Why do I tone?

The basic purpose of Songaia Sound Medicine is to re-introduce one’s missing frequencies into the energy field and physical body to bring balance and wholeness.

Toning one’s missing tones invites a state of well-being, to balance, center and harmonize. Toning both nourishes and feeds as well as cleanses and releases. Toning supports healthy immune function and releases feel good’ endorphins. Toning alters brain states, inducing alpha-theta states associated with clarity and healing, Toning assists in releasing obscurations, limiting patterns, stress, and dis-ease’.

Toning expands creative potential, clarity, and true vision, a gateway for soul discovery!

How do I tone?

Songaia CD’s can be used passively as ambient healing sound, subtly harmonizing the environment as well as yourself Sonic Feng-Shui! This application is very effective for reducing stress, encouraging relaxation, sleep, pain relief, and for hyper-active children.

Actively toning your personal frequencies has more impact! Each 60-minute Songaia CD has 4 tones, or tracks, lasting 15 minutes. Each tone begins with a harp and didjeridu tone meditation, for relaxing and breathing in the sound. Halfway, or 7 min. into the track, the voices are introduced, and this is where the toning begins; simply match your voice tone to the voice tone on the CD. You can either hum or use one of the vowel sounds (ah eh ee I oh oo uh). There is also a subtle repeating mantra as an optional practice.

Frequency + Intention = Healing: Using a focused intention is a more specific way to send’ the sound. By simply visualizing an area of the body as one is toning, the sound is directed into that area. One can sweep or clean with this focused Saser’, or sound laser. This technique can also be used with specific emotions by toning into the feeling.

When do I tone?

Toning one’s personal frequencies can be done periodically throughout the day. At least 15 minutes daily of active toning is recommended… and keep toning as long as it continues to feel good. It is especially effective during emotionally or physically challenging times, and before and after stressful experiences. As a complementary medicine in acute conditions, toning with intention for 1 hour or more daily may produce marked changes in conditions.

Blessings For Your Well Being!

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