Wind Spirit MP3

Contemplative harp and flute instrumentals celebrating nature’s beauty. This music paints expansive images of Arizona’s red earth and sky.


The 2002 CD re-release featuring harp and wind instruments weaving
dreamlike desert soundscapes with vocals of Ani Williams.

I am wind spirit, the essence of all seasons.
I breathe upon the sacred mountains while you sleep.
My songs fill your kiva with strength and wisdom.
My voice travels through your body and beats ceremonial songs in your heart…
I am Wind Spirit.

Short clips from each track:

01 Isle of Glass

02 Full Moon in September

03 Wind in the Desert

04 Child of the Wind

05 Sedona First Snow

06 Westfork

07 Crestone Moon

08 Remember


“Wind Spirit is a celebration of the land and sky of the Southwest desert lands. To listen to Wind Spirit is to relax into your own happiness. Harp blends with nature sounds, flute, voice, clarinet, hand drums. The effect is slightly poignant and restful. Recommended for contemplation, massage, one not to be missed.” —Musical Best Bets – New Age Retailer