Songaia MP3 Set

Complete set with MP3s of all 12 Songaia Tones plus the Songaia Sound Medicine Charts in pdf format.

Each CD has four 15-minute tracks covering all 12 tones of the musical scale. Every tone corresponds to specific physical, emotional and energetic patterns. Songaia is a breakthrough sound therapy tool featuring all natural harmonic tones of harp, didgeridu, whale song and harmonic chant.


This set includes all 12 separate extended tracks with the 12 tones of the musical scale, each tone corresponding to specific emotional and physical patterns. Includes the Songaia Sound Medicine Charts in pdf format.

Songaia Vol I_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume I: D – Gemini tone


Songaia Vol II_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume II: F# – Libra tone


Songaia Vol III_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume III: G# – Sagittarius tone


The Songaia Sound System is a system of sound medicine which incorporates both listening to and toning specific notes of the music scale.

chakra-tone-chart-12Each note correlates with emotional and physical patterns and, using the appropriate sound, can accelerate the healing process.

Each chakra of the body has a specific color, tone, vowel and gland that is related to it as shown on our Chakra-Tone-Chart

The Songaia 12-Tone Set combines the healing effects of the natural harmonic resonance of harp, Tibetan bells, overtone chanting, didjeridu and whale song.


Songaia 12-Tone Set


1. Tone C (Do) Aries
Color: Red
Chakra: Root (Muladhara)

2. Tone C# (Do#) Taurus
Color: Red-orange
Chakra: Root/belly

3. Tone D (Re) Gemini
Color: Orange
Chakra: Belly (Manipura)

4. Tone D# (Re#) Cancer
Color: Gold (Yellow-orange)
Chakra: Belly/Solar Plexus

5. Tone E (Mi) Leo
Color: Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus

6. Tone F (Fa) Virgo
Color: Spring green
Chakra: Solar/Heart

7. Tone F# (Fa#) Libra
Color: Forest Green
Chakra: Heart (Anahata)

8. Tone G (Sol) Scorpio
Color: Blue-Green
Chakra: Throat (Vishuddhi)

CD Volume 3

9. Tone G# (Sol#) Sagittarius
Color: Sky Blue
Chakra: Throat/Brow

10. Tone A (La) Capricorn
Color: Indigo
Chakra: Brow (Ajna)

11. Tone A# (La#) Aquarius
Color: Purple
Chakra: Brow/crown

12. Tone B (Si) Pisces
Color: Magenta
Chakra: Crown (Sahasrara)