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3-CD set includes 3 hours of healing sound, a laminated color-tone-wheel and chakra tone charts. Each CD has four 15-minute tracks covering all 12 tones of the musical scale. Every tone corresponds to specific physical, emotional and energetic patterns. Songaia is a breakthrough sound therapy tool featuring all natural harmonic tones of harp, didgeridu, whale song and harmonic chant.

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This set includes all 12 separate extended tracks with the 12 tones of the musical scale, each tone corresponding to specific emotional and physical patterns, plus a laminated color-tone-wheel and chakra tone charts.

Songaia Vol I_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume I: D – Gemini tone


Songaia Vol II_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume II: F# – Libra tone


Songaia Vol III_350

Sound clip from Songaia–Volume III: G# – Sagittarius tone


The Songaia Sound System is a system of sound medicine which incorporates both listening to and toning specific notes of the music scale.

chakra-tone-chart-12Each note correlates with emotional and physical patterns and, using the appropriate sound, can accelerate the healing process.

Each chakra of the body has a specific color, tone, vowel and gland that is related to it as shown on our Chakra Tone Chart.

The Songaia 12-Tone Set combines the healing effects of the natural harmonic resonance of harp, Tibetan bells, overtone chanting, didjeridu and whale song.


Songaia 12-Tone Set


Tone C (Do) Aries
Color: Red
Chakra: Root (Muladhara)

Tone C# (Do#) Taurus
Color: Red-orange
Chakra: Root/belly

Tone D (Re) Gemini
Color: Orange
Chakra: Belly (Manipura)

Tone D# (Re#) Cancer
Color: Gold (Yellow-orange)
Chakra: Belly/Solar Plexus

Tone E (Mi) Leo
Color: Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Tone F (Fa) Virgo
Color: Spring green
Chakra: Solar/Heart

Tone F# (Fa#) Libra
Color: Forest Green
Chakra: Heart (Anahata)

Tone G (Sol) Scorpio
Color: Blue-Green
Chakra: Throat (Vishuddhi)

CD Volume 3

Tone G# (Sol#) Sagittarius
Color: Sky Blue
Chakra: Throat/Brow

Tone A (La) Capricorn
Color: Indigo
Chakra: Brow (Ajna)

Tone A# (La#) Aquarius
Color: Purple
Chakra: Brow/crown

Tone B (Si) Pisces
Color: Magenta
Chakra: Crown (Sahasrara)