Shemah–The Calling MP3

Ani’s harpestry takes the listener through dreamy Arabic gardens and Celtic moors. With harp, vocals, viol da gamba, ney, oud, guitar.



Inspired by both the stone circles and mystical moors of her cross cultural roots and the ancient Egyptian temples of the Nile. Ani’s harpestry takes us through dreamy Arabian gardens….with harp, vocals, viol de gamba, ney, oud and bouzouki, the light streams through these liquid compositions.

Short clips from each track:

01 For Love And Beauty

02 Voices Of The Moor

03 Shenasha

04 Leonid Light

05 Sedona Solstice

06 The Calling

07 Shemah

08 Transmission

09 Walking Through

“Her voice caresses the soul with dream-like beauty—layered harmonies in Spanish, Hebrew, and Navajo. Her harpestry takes the enthralled listener through Arabic gardens, Celtic moors and Sedona canyons… the beauty of Shemah should call powerfully to savvy retailers: this release should sail off the shelves to the many places where its healing sounds can work their magic.” — NAPRA Review Feb 2000