Song of Isis MP3

Recorded live in the pyramids and temples of Egypt – timeless harp and vocals evoking Egypt’s ancient ritual culture.


Recorded in the pyramids and temples of Egypt during the Harmonic Convergence, August 1987.

“Beautifully woven in delicate strands of sound. Timeless, transformative, recommended!”
– LADYSLIPPER RECORDS and their 1989 top 24 pick

Short clips from each track:

01 Mycerinus Triple Goddess

02 Procession Of Isis

03 Queen's Chamber

04 Saqqara Song To Rhea

05 Isle Of Philae

06 Denderah-Hana-Ina-Anu-Ana

07 Voice Of Nut - Sky Goddess

08 Dance To Horus

09 Edfu Double Pipes

10 Queen's Chamber II

Williams’ harp on ‘Song of Isis’ is the closest I’ve come across to the Sumerian cuneiform musical notation!

Zecharia Sitchinauthor and historian