Medicine Song I MP3/Booklet

Tibetan healing chants with harp, vocals, sitar, tamboura. Used in yoga centers and by individuals as an uplifting sound medicine tool.


“Our Task is to chant the world, chant the beauty.
The world is a reflection of our chanting.”
– Billy Yellow, Navajo Healer

Short clips from each track:

01 Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi

02 OM Zambhala

03 Vajra Guru

04 Om Tare Tum Soha

05 Green Tara 1st Version

06 Gate Gate

07 Om Mani Padme Hum

08 Green Tara 2nd Version

09 Six Syllable Vajra

10 100 Syllable Vajra

11 Om Namah Shivaya

12 Archangel Invocation

Free Bonus: Chant Book with Lyrics and Stories is included! Click link: Medicine Song 1 Lyric Book


Medicine Song I (2000)

These chants are dedicated to His holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa with the wish that all beings be lifted from suffering into a flowering of enlightenment and that all life forms are blessed with illuminating life energy.

In the great spiritual texts of India, mantras and sacred sound are said to be the most direct path to liberation. The current popularity of chant and sound as a method of healing is indicative of not only the tremendous need of a world out of balance, but also that we live at a time of changing epochs and a time of great opportunity to change and reach a new level of supreme enlightenment. The ancient Lamas of Tibet predicted that in this time, Shambhala would be close at hand, and that humanity would have a rare window of fortunate blessings to assist in awakening consciousness.

Mantras are made up of combinations of seed syllables (Bija) and because of their inherent benevolent nature, can never be used for harm. Chanting or recitation of mantras is always done with a clear intention of benefiting others, and dedicating the merit for the good of all sentient beings. The combining of sacred sound with clear intention is the ancient alchemical formula for conscious creation.

In my years of practice with mantra and sound as medicine, I have had many extraordinary experiences and been witness to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings in myself and others. Chanting is a way to clear limiting patterns and conditions and also a way to bring harmony, balance, clarity, and increased energy into ones life and for others. When sacred sound is uttered it is said to never end, reaching out beyond the stars. That is the infinite nature of harmonics. Great Fortunate-Blessings in your chanting to benefit our beautiful world.

– Ani Karma Shiway Pemo