Children of the Sun MP3

Mazatl Galindo joins Ani with a mix or vibrant, originals and Aztec lullabies. Rhythmic harp, native flutes, deer drum, the beat of the rainforest.


Rhythmic harp, vocal harmonies, native flutes
with deer drum, clay pots, turtle shells —
the beat of the rainforest —
creates a hypnotic dream of an Earth alive and radiant.

Short clips from each track:

01 Secret Canyon/Canyon Prelude

02 Zapotec Traditional Song

03 She

04 Makochi Pitenzin

05 Makochi Instrumental Adaptation

06 Earth Mother

07 Golden Flower

08 Earth Rising

09 Earth Rising Postlude

10 Vasija De Barro

11 Tlazocamatli

12 Children Of The Sun

“Appealing, romantic, passionate pan-global music. A winner!” —PJ Birosik.

“Spellbinding… haunting and beautiful. Ancient Aztec lullabies and Andean songs… a work of evocative and mystical beauty. I can’t recommend it enough.” —Musical Best Bets – New Age Retailer, Feb 1993