Sound Alchemy DVD

Hermetic sound science from Egypt to modern sound therapy. 90-minutes of visuals, music, history and esoteric traditions. Learn how the human voice holds the key for awakening. Watch the entire video for free:


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SoundAlchemy 3D DVD coverThis DVD program contains 7 chapters, corresponding to the ancient 7-tone musical scale, the 7 chakras and the 7 celestial forces:

  • I Egyptian Roots of Sound Science
  • II Song of Zion
  • III Toning and Chanting Benefits
  • IV Song of the Resonant Green Snake—The Resurrection Mysteries
  • V Song of the Stars
  • VI Songaia Sound—Bio-acoustic Medicine
  • VII Neo-Platonic Academies

Filmed at a live presentation in Sedona, Arizona, February 1, 2012


“The sky and its stars make music to you
The sun and the moon praise you…
The neteru sing to you”.
Hymn to Hathor, Denderah Egypt

In this new multi-media release, Ani shares her work with Voice Spectrum Analysis and the ancient roots of this science from the Egyptian and Chaldean mysteries. Sound Alchemy is the Science of Harmony and the technology of healing and transformation using musical tones. This science is rooted in Egyptian Hermetic (Hermes-Thoth) tradition and was also practiced throughout ancient Mesopotamia, and the Greek Academies of Plato and Pythagoras. We find the same science practiced by the original and esoteric branches of Islam (Sufi), Hebrew (Kabalah and Zohar) and Christian mysticism.


As Above-So Below

Hermetic knowledge teaches us to make of our lives a mirror of nature, reflecting and embracing the heavenly patterns on earth “to accomplish the miracle of Oneness.”

In Sound Alchemy we study the planetary tone patterns (Astrology) and how they are mirrored in the human energy field and voice tone patterns (Voice Spectrum Analysis).
Sound Alchemy is the medicine of the ancient past and holds great hope for
the future of humanity and for transforming suffering into harmonious liberation.


“Ani I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your DVD on Sound Alchemy. When I am a little low, it is perfect medicine. Thank you for being you and your fantastic work.”  Client in Montreal, Canada

“This is one of the most captivating and awe-inspiring videos I had come across in my search.” R. W.

“Spectacular presentation and music Ani, sending blessings for all that you do!” Pam Gregory

“Wow, I am in heaven listening to this.” M. Evohand

“I just had a life altering string of synchronicities with this video.” Rebekah Scheible

“Really excellent presentation. Thankyou.” A.D.

“Wowwww!!! My heart is OVERFLOWING with gratitude, joy & BLISS for this!!! The way she plays the harp and sings that first Egyptian song I got chills ….. I felt home, with everything you spoke of.”  Viewer

“Her voice is enchanting and mesmerizing . She can cleanse the Chakras just with her voice.” Sylvain Descoteux

“I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the ancient knowledge … this musical understanding makes so much sense.” Ty

“This is wonderful. You’re an excellent researcher, presenter and speaker. Lovely tone of voice and way of speaking. Thanks.” H.K.

“Just discovered Ani Williams and her wonderful music. This is deeply healing.” Vicki Burns

“Just when I was feeling so alone … This really joined the dots. I’m very grateful for this wonderful presentation.” S.L.